Stop Wasting Your Time & Money On Dead Freebie Leads

Let me show you how to get high-converting & consistent BUYER TRAFFIC & LEADS to your business using Facebook & Google Ads...

...And Get More Sales

...Without Wasting One Kobo Of Your Own Money!!!

This exact system is also used by big marketers like Frank Kern, Russell Brunson, Peng Joon and even our own 'Small Business, Big Money' billionaire Akin Alabi and other big names in the marketing scene…

Would you like to apply this magical system to your business?

If you answered 'YES' then this information is going to be worth thousands of dollars in your pocket...

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Because this is a one-time offer and you'll not be seeing this again if you close this page!

Why are you seeing this?

Well, because if you have a problem with conversion, there is a 97% chance you also have a quality lead generation problem…

And that is what this is going to solve for you.

My name is Uche Nick and...

I want to tell you a short story.

About 5 years ago, when just started selling digital products online, I was in a hurry to build a list and sell products on the internet.

This was a good idea because the best way to sell is to build an audience so you can sell repeatedly without paying for ads every time.

But sometimes a good idea can be ruined with bad implementation.

I spend over $500 on Facebook & Google Ads which was almost all I had on me at that point trying to grow a list.

I got a large number of people entering my email list every day and I was feeling good about this and I felt like...

“Omo, I don hammer!”.

Everything seems to be going great.

Until it was time to sell…

I spent my time and energy creating juicy offers and discounts that would make my list buy from me but... All I got was disappointment.

I was barely making any sales.

I was barely making any money from this list monthly to even survive and pay my bills.

I was always getting people who begged to get free things from me whenever I sent out emails...

and this drove me crazy because I was trying to eat but rather I was getting more broke and broken every day... Struggling everyday.

But after months and months of struggling, late nights, trial and error, I realise that...

  • I build a list/audience filled with freebie seekers.
  • People who like to just get free things and never pay for stuff.
  • People will always be asking for more and more discounts.
  • People who are not willing to pull out their wallets and place an order.

And as a business owner.

These are the kind of people you want to keep far from you.

You have to learn and evolve to avoid them like the biblical Egyptian Plagues.

This is the same reason companies like Apple and Tesla don’t have a strong marketing presence in Africa…

Because they are good at seeking out their ideal customers... and you want to do the same too.

You want to avoid people who can barely afford your commodity at all costs or at least minimize their presence on your email list or audience.

Because the truth is...

Without the right traffic, your business is dead on arrival.

And when I mean right traffic,

I am not just talking about people who are in your target market but I am talking about people who are in your target market and also willing to spend a dime on you.

People who are not ashamed or scared to invest their hard-earned dollars or naira in you and your business.

Aren't these the kind of people you built your business for in the first place?

Because consistent sales are the lifeblood of any business and the faster you can find the right people for your business, the fast you can become profitable.

And today I will be showing you how to get insane traffic, while also keeping your cost net zero.

I know this sounds like an impossible thing - to get paid traffic for $0 but…

I have been using this in business so stay with me on this and just keep reading…

Now Imagine I hand you the key to getting 100 persons to buy your product over the next 30 days.

Or 14 days.

Or even 7 days.

How much worth of sales will that be bringing for you?

Imagine how many headaches and sleepless nights you will avoid by getting access to a list of hot buyers.

Imagine all the troubles and waste of money on dead traffic and a bloated but hungry list this can avoid for you.

It's priceless...

And do you want to know why this is very important to your business, your growth and peace of mind???

Here is why...

A list/audience of 5000 people is not half as valuable as a pool of 500 active buyers.

500 people who are buyers will give your business a quick profit faster than 5000 freebie seekers.

500 people who are ready to go to war for you.

Or maybe you need a 1,000 buyers list… or 10,000.

Well, it’s possible… and for $0.

Once again, would you like, want or need this system in your marketing arsenal?

If you said yes again, you are among the 1% who this system was built for.

It doesn’t matter if you sell;

- Digital products

- Ecommerce products

- Services/Real Estate

- Or sell affiliate products

This system will get your lead generation to pay of itself using a tripwire offer...

...Even big brands like Apple have been using this exact same system for years to bring new customers into their ecosystem.

This system will also work for you 100%

While also spending $0 on advertising at the end of the day.

What you’ll be learning today will be the difference between being a struggling business and selling out every day like a suya shop located next to a Lagos club.

What I will be showing you today is the same system I use in my business to build a list of buyers who generate income for my business every month like clockwork.

This secret system will help you sieve the chaff from the wheat in your business.

Here is what this program will show you;

  • How to identify your core buyers who can become your raving fans
  • How to turn them into buyers & get them to pay you faster than Usain Bolt
  • How to spend $0 on paid traffic on FB & Google Ads (Magic huh?)
  • How to keep this running on AUTOMATION 24/7 like a well-oiled machine

And all this is packed into a program you can finish reading and start implementing in less than 24 hours…

This means your business can start ripping the benefit faster than you can even imagine.

See the thing about traffic, not everyone who comes to your business is a buyer.

This means your business will be handling a lot of unserious people who may never buy from you if you fail to use a system that acts as a net to fish out people who are willing and able to pay.

Now you can avoid all the headaches, disappointments and drama and instantly access a pool of buyers without spending any of your dimes at the end of the day.

It’s a zero-dollar buyer leads crusade if you apply this system to your business!

And that’s all because you decided to take action with what you see on this page.

Introducing - Buyer Leads Magic.

This is a mini program I created to outline the process I use to create a surge of buyer leads to our funnel without losing our hard-earned money to Facebook or Google Ads.

and that's not all... there's more.

Here are the bonuses you'll get when you purchase this program

Access to FB & Google Ad Traffic Cheatsheet (Value ₦35,000)

This cheatsheet will show you how we generate quality traffic from Facebook and Google and how we research every piece of our marketing before we even create any ad.

Access to Deep-pocket offer creation minicourse (Value ₦25,000)

In this mini-course, you will get access to a complete and concise breakdown on how to craft offers that convert for your own products or affiliate offers you promote.

Access to Funnel Simulation Sheet & Training (Value ₦50,000)

You will get access and a training video on how to use my funnel simulation google sheet to calculate and estimate your funnel conversion and predict your income from your marketing campaign.

Access to Email Marketing Success (Value ₦10,000)

You will be getting access to my email marketing success guide where I talked about how to create a profitable email marketing funnel for your business and how you get started using free platforms.

Access to my Marketing & Sales Community (Value ₦25,000)

You will be given lifetime access to my marketing and sales community where I drop valuable nuggets and also interact with you when you need help on the go.

Total Bonus Value: ₦145,000

...and here are the benefits of using the Buyers Lead Magic system in your business

  • Helps you get rid of unserious people who are basically time wasters
  • Gives you access to buyers who are ready to spend on your business
  • Saves you time and money from getting rid of dead leads
  • Build your list with 100% buyers and zero spends on paid advertisement
  • Allows you to scale your business with ease

With the knowledge and results you'll will get inside this book and the added bonuses, it is easy to place its easily worth over ₦100,000 due to how simple and easy it is to implement.

Or I could discount it to ₦50,000 and sell it like crazy because your result will be worth a thousand times more…

But, I decided to make this accessible to everyone who stumbles on this page because I believe if I show you what you can achieve when you work with me, then you’ll become a client someday.

So I will be bringing the price to as low as I can, so it’s affordable enough for you to not miss out on this secret formula, and also reasonable enough for me not to go back to my village. Lol

Grab your access while this program is still discounted...

Bonus #1 - FB & Google Ad Traffic Cheatsheet (Value ₦35,000)

Bonus #2 - Deep-pocket offer creation minicourse (Value ₦25,000)

Bonus #3 - Funnel Simulation Sheet & Training (Value ₦50,000)

Bonus #4 - Email Marketing Success (Value ₦10,000)

Bonus #5 - Marketing & Sales Community (Value ₦25,000)

All it takes to get access to this system + all included bonuses (total value ₦145,000) today is only…

Regular: $49

Today's Special Discount


Get it all for...



That’s about the price of a plate of food at a restaurant that will be pooped out in few hours, so yeah it’s pretty affordable...

Crazy right?

Well, don’t just say yes…

Grab your copy before the price goes up because I can not keep the price this low forever.

But this is not a magic system, it requires work and effort…

It doesn’t work if you are lazy and unwilling to invest your time to set it up.

It doesn’t work for people looking for quick magic money with zero work.

It doesn't work for people who are willing to invest some money to get their business going.

So now you know who this isn’t for,

Who this program designed for?

  • Digital Product Creator
  • Affiliate Marketer
  • Coaches & Course Creators
  • Ecommerce business owner
  • Anyone who wants to earn crazy income selling online.

Do you think you fit into that category?

Do you want to grow your business with solid buyers list and zero ad spend?

Then you are who this is designed for.

Click the button below to get instant access now.

What if you don't like what you get inside this program & bonuses?

Well, I already thought about that and so I created the...

Ironclad 100% Money Back Guarantee

I’m 100% sure that what you’ll discover inside of this toolkit is worth at least ₦200,000.

But since this might be the first time you are buying from me, I have decided to take the risks from your shoulders and give you full 30 days money back guarantee refund policy.

To ask for a refund, send an email to with your transaction details.

No worries, you can keep the program access + all the bonuses anyway.

Got questions???

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about this offer

What will I be getting when i place an order?

You’ll get access to an quick program to set this system up and also the exclusive bonuses (value ₦145,000) included.

How soon will be get access?

As soon as you make payment, you’ll b given access, even if it’s 2 am.

Who is this system for?

It is for anyone who wants to make consistent income selling products using the internet.

What if system doesn't work for me?

No worries. I stand by my work. If you don’t like it, email us within 30 days (after purchase), show us proof that you applied the system and didn’t get any result and you’ll receive your FULL refund while you still get to keep the product and all bonuses.

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